Clear the Clutter > Create from Clarity Retreat
to Oct 28

Clear the Clutter > Create from Clarity Retreat

Feeling overwhelmed? That’s understandable – with all the options, choices, responsibilities, pressures, expectations, opportunities and alternatives presented to us at every moment of every day!

A total break... This is what you need! Time to truly relax and recuperate! Without you standing tall at the helm of your life, being the best you can be, how can we expect to create the life we desire? – one of rewarding careers, fulfilling relationships, nurturing moments, passions, love, joy, laughter, freedom, excitement...

Join me for a weekend specifically designed to allow you the opportunity to release accumulated tension and stress and find a place of peace and calm from where you can regroup and revitalise.

During the weekend you WILL dissolve tension, delight your senses and re-discover your true potential. Your time here includes:

Friday: Arrive 4pm, evening welcome, releasing sunset yoga, delicious dinner, comfortable private accommodation, shared facilities.

Saturday: Quiet walk to temple, revival yoga, breakfast, pure essential oil workshop, lunch, free afternoon, restorative sunset yoga nidra, dinner.

Sunday: Quiet walk to temple, rejuvenating yoga, breakfast, free morning, lunch, depart 2pm.

More Information -

To book email to reserve your spot.

Questions? Ph Nicky on 027 635 8825

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Aroha Sacred Feminine Retreat
to Nov 25

Aroha Sacred Feminine Retreat

When groups of like-minded women get together magic is created. Sacred Feminine workshops awaken awareness of the feminine form with beautiful flowing, simple yet sensual dance, yoga and a deeper understanding, honouring and integration of energy and companionship.

This year our Sacred Feminine Retreat will be held at Sacred Earth Lodge, KareKare. Our theme is ‘Ritual’ under the full moon. Aroha Sacred Feminine Retreats are profoundly and deeply healing, a space where we can drop our masks and allow the beauty of our authentic grace to shine through.

A space where we can honour, celebrate and empower each other and learn gentle awareness around ritual that will cultivate a greater capacity to grow and flourish as feelings and energy flows through our bodies with healing dance, ritual and yoga.

Expect some magic:
Aroha, Ritual, Women's circle, Cacao ceremony, Healing Bellydance, Yoga, Meditation, Space in nature, Creativity, Spa

We will be in natural peace, surrounded by beaches, forests, streams, waterfalls, rock pools - with gorgeous ocean sunsets, single rooms and delicious vegetarian meals.

We take a very limited number of ladies on Aroha Sacred Feminine retreats.

Please email us with any questions

When : 23rd - 25th November 2018 ~ Full moon weekend

Where : Sacred Earth Lodge KareKare

Time : Friday early evening – 2pm Sunday afternoon Refreshments : Delicious vegetarian meals and accommodation included

Facilitators : Rosanna Marks + Friends

Cost : $595 Deposit : A $100 non-refundable deposit is required on booking

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Northern Indian Classical Music Concert
6:00 PM18:00

Northern Indian Classical Music Concert

Join us for an evening of celebration with Northern Indian Classical Music featuring Basant Madhur with special guests (to be advised).

Good music, beautiful spaces, mesmerizing views, and new connections. An enriching experience for all to experience.

Location: Savitri Temple - Lone Kauri Road, Karekare (122 Lone Kauri)

Cost: $15 koha in support of the SARGAM School of Indian Music.

Picnic on the hill overlooking the Tasman Sea weather permitting.

Bring a Dessert to share before & afterwards.

Please contact Mary for further details. or 021 028 74331

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Way of Nature Quest
to Mar 30

Way of Nature Quest

Surrender and listen to inner and outer nature to learn how to take your place in the choir of life with a 4 day/night solo quest in a beautiful, safe natural environment, supported by personal preparation and group time either side of the solo. 

Way of Nature is based on core principles of spiritual cultivation common to all major traditions, applied in nature. Claire and Deborah will guide you in meditations, Qi Gong and ceremonial practices to prepare for you for your 4 days in solitude, fasting and pure presence in wild nature. 

The 3 intents of Way of Nature are to:
- Assist in revealing your True purpose for this lifetime.
- Open an authentic connection with Outer, Inner and True nature.
- Experience an authentic realisation of your True Nature, Source Awareness

Many people find themselves called to undertake Quest when they are seeking guidance on their path in life, are going through a time of transition or wish to deepen in their spiritual cultivation and healing.

Please visit the Facebook event page for more details or contact Deborah Crowe or Claire Vanderplank 


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Sacred Himalayan Pilgrimage
to Jun 12

Sacred Himalayan Pilgrimage

An extraordinary spiritual journey to Tapovan, through the mystical Himalayas

This pilgrimage offers spiritual seekers from all paths an opportunity to tread the paths that have been laid down by yogis and sages throughout centuries and experience the sacred energies of these majestic mountains that uplift the soul and recharge spiritual endeavour.

This trek will take you from Rishikesh to Tapovan, which is a vast meadow surrounded by mountain peaks and nestled at the base of Shivaling mountain, it is one of the most beautiful and breath-taking places imaginable. It is here that Ganga (known as Akash or Sky Ganga) begins her descent . This sacred place is where yogis, seers and rishis have performed spiritual practices since time immemorial. Join us for a unique opportunity to deepen you own spiritual practices, meditation and consciousness.

Cost: $2500 (early-bird)- excludes air fares Contact Phone: 64-272214645

Click here for further information


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Sacred Pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash
to Sep 14

Sacred Pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash

Embracing the Infinite Sacred Pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash

Join us for a unique spiritual adventure into the mysterious interior of Tibet

Hidden from the eyes of the world by the mighty Himalayan peaks, Mount Kailash, the crest jewel of creation has, over millennia, drawn sincere pilgrims from many faiths to its feet to contemplate the oneness in the power of nature.
Kailash is the heart and soul of the Himalayan regions and the most sacred of all the world's holy mountains. It stands alone, in silent contemplation, above the Tibetan plains, drawing the eyes of all who come near with its power and purity.

The circumambulation (walking around the mountain) is an act of penance and prayer. With each step the pilgrim is taken deeper into the silence within, whilst taking in the sacred landscape without. One circle (pradakshina) symbolises one revolution of the wheel of life or the cycle from birth to death. With each step there is purification and exaltation.

This sacred journey is for a small number of spitiual seekers wishing to deepen their connection with the inner consciousness. The trek requires a reasonable level of fitness.

Pilgrimage Guide

Savitri has been travelling to the Himalaya,s including Mt Kailas,h for the past 25 years. Living in sacred regions she has been deeply inspired by the ancient pathway to Self- realisation. Over the past fifteen years she has undertaken an annual pilgrimage to Tapovan, living in a cave, amidst the silence, within the community of saints and yogis. These experiences transformed her own life and she wishes to play a role in sharing the transformative power of practice in places of spiritual power.

Cost: $2955 NZD early bird or $3500 NZD full price - excludes air fares

Contact: or phone 64-272214645

Click here for further information

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The Empowerment Retreat
to Sep 8

The Empowerment Retreat

This is a self discovery journey in a tranquil space like no other – SACRED EARTH

Unplug and unwind in the tranquillity and energetic windy hills by the ocean bushwalks and waterfalls.

Five nights of reconnecting with your heart and inner self and learning how to be realigned, fulfilled and empowered so that you can live your life in your absolute truth ‘EMPOWERED’

Our retreat is packed so full of content that the results you’ll be getting are life changing!

One on one session leading up to the retreat with our heart centred coach to guide and help you rediscover yourself

On arrival day you’ll be welcomed into the amazing space and shown around the grounds. You’ll be presented with gifts and tools to serve you throughout the week

Each morning we will be doing a group yoga and meditation with the beautiful Dana who has had many years of experience and traveled all around the world to learn from the very best. Dana has the most beautiful soul

Wholesome filling meals and snacks are provided throughout your stay to keep you energised and focused (all food intolerance’s can be catered for)

Daily interactive workshops each day giving you all the tools you’ll need to be able to take back home to have you live out your truth and passion

You’ll gain an understanding on why you do some of the things you do

Workshops will include relationships, masculine and feminine, goal setting and visualising ,who we really are, the masks we wear, how the conscious and unconscious mind works

·Discover your true elements and love language of yourself and your partner and gain more understanding on why you are attracted and drawn to certain people more than other’s 

There will be one on one time with our coach which will allow you to let go of anything that’s holding you back and have it cleared out at the root

·When you leave this retreat you’ll no longer be carrying around the negative emotions of Anger Sadness Fear Hurt and Guilt , we use a gentle fast effective method called Time Line Therapy to release all of these

There will be free time for exploring , journaling , relaxing in the beautiful surroundings, enjoying the spa pool or having a relaxing massage

Each evening we will come together as a group to integrate the learning’s from each day and to strengthen the bond with your self

On the last day there will be an adventurous and exciting activity to close out the retreat followed by a celebration to welcome in the new authentic empowered you

On the retreat a huge sisterhood bond is formed which will be with you for life. When women come together as a community in a safe sacred space amazing things happen and you’ll see for yourself how absolutely magical this feels

We are so excited that to take you on this journey with us. Get ready for amazing things to unfold!

Email or call 0224386456 or click on the link below to book a call with ease at your convenience.

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Relaxation Weekend
to Aug 26

Relaxation Weekend

Relax, Restore and Revitalise yourself in the tranquility of nature.

Do you feel a need to escape from the current reality of the daily grind? Join us for a weekend away with the sole purpose of restoration. Everyone needs a reset at some point!


  • 2 x Nights accommodation
  • Exquisite Vegetarian Meals
  • Optional Activities - Yoga, Sound Journey, Nature Immersion, Waterfall walk
  • Optional Extra's - Massage, Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • ADDED BONUS - Spa, breathtaking views, stunning sunset's, nature surrounds, accessible trails, peace and quiet.

COST: $280 Single OR $250pp for couples
** Booking subject to availability - PLEASE contact**

Click here to view the Weekend Itinerary

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Way of Nature: 7 Day Nature Quest
to Apr 2

Way of Nature: 7 Day Nature Quest

Do you feel the call to drop into deep connection with all that is?
Do you wish to:

– Reveal your True purpose for this lifetime.
– Open an authentic connection with Outer, Inner and True nature.
– Experience an authentic realisation of your True Nature, Source Awareness

This Way of Nature programme may be for you. Surrender and listen to inner and outer nature to learn how to take your place in the choir of life with a 4 day/night solo in a beautiful, safe natural environment, supported by personal preparation and group time either side of the solo.

The value of people being able to find ways to offer their unique gifts to world, and overcome the doubts and wounds that present as obstacles, cannot be measured. We would be in harmony with each other, with the planet, if this could be achieved. We truly honoured and grateful to offer this retreat process in service of this greater goal.

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Wild Warrior Wisdom
to Feb 22

Wild Warrior Wisdom

A 7 day inner journey, in the wilds of New Zealand into the power of NATURE, INDIGENOUS & MAORI WISDOM & OUR CREATIVITY.  

Dedicated time away from distraction. Guided with EARTH & SOUND MEDICINE. Expand on spectacular intentional walks, ceremonies, nature quests, wild river, waterfall and ocean journeys. Uncover together greater calm, beauty & clarity in life, work, love.


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Pou Unveiling Ceremony
7:00 PM19:00

Pou Unveiling Ceremony

You are cordially invited to attend an unveiling of a special Pou (carved pillar) that has been lovingly created at Sacred Earth Retreat, Karekare, by Matua Louis Kereopa.

The Pou will be installed at 128 Lone Kauri Road to celebrate our links with the land, the elements, and the wairua that links us to the natural and spiritual worlds.

Where: 128 Lone Kauri Road, Karekare.
When: Sunday 2 April, 3.00 pm.

Please bring a contribution to a pot-luck meal after the ceremony.

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