True communication - take a look inside

A movie by Caroline M.P. Wünsche

Karekare, the beach that Sacred Earth overlooks, is featured in this film by one of our guests and friends. Take a look inside.

This trailer gives insights into my proposed film and the work of Geomediation Foundation


The viewer can interact with the images to become part of the mystical and wondrous journey I have experienced. My journey is an adventure to the true self. As life events are happening in the outer world so they happen simultaneously within; and there in this inner realm we find treasures and unseen worlds never before experienced. In these inner worlds we can meet our true self–our essence–as well as an omnipresent peace. A peace that has always been immanent, and can only be found inside. True communication is a call to become aware of our greatness and power. 

It is our soul, which deeply yearns to connect with our being to establish an alliance of eternal love. Freedom and peace on earth can and will be lived through this connection, and thus we will find solutions to all sorts of adversities and crises. Through this trailer, Geomediation Foundation wishes to offer a taste of a “kind of being“ in which self-determination, freedom and joy are the paramount parameters. At the same time we want to offer ways to achieve this. 

True Communication with all that isan essential key to unlock the Kingdom of Heaven within us.

Caroline M.P. Wünsche