Meditation Temple

Savitri Temple hosts regular programmes of yoga, meditation, chanting and spiritual discourse. The temple is open to peoples of all faiths and paths to utilise for quiet contemplation, prayer, singing, and reflecting of the divinity of nature itself.

Located at Satyavan, the Temple have been visited for many years years by spiritual groups that seek its quiet tranquility and spiritual vibrations, which they have enhanced with their earnest and sincere devotion. Many spiritual activities have occurred, including meditation, ritual worship of the deities, devotional singing and chanting and satsang  (teachings and discussions). Groups and individuals from all paths and faiths are welcome to come and share their unique gifts and perspectives. Satyavan is dedicated to the universality of all peoples and embraces the reality of the unity that connects us all.

A place of worship, prayer and silence, dedicated to the light and Love of Sathya Sai Baba and his universal teaching of the oneness of all people and all religions. This temple is for all to use, whatever faith or path, in the spirit of unity.

We actively encourage people from all faiths and paths to utilise the Temple and the facilities at Satyavan.

What's on at the Temple:

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