Plant & Nature

Sacred Earth is a place where the magnificence of the natural world can open us up to the hidden beauty of our inner being. Explore the naturally beauty that surrounds us and learn ways to utalise nature to enhance your wellbeing. 


A guided introduction to the native flora and fauna by Phil Cottingham. Phil is a naturopath and teacher who shares a deep love and wisdom of the nature that surrounds us and can teach you much about what is right on our doorstep.

 β†’ 027 480 1720 (Phil Cottingham)


Since time immemorial, healers and ancient wisdom keepers have been aware of the powerful intelligence that is embedded in nature. Flower essences are plant vibrations, plant energy, held in water. Made with plants, pure water and sunshine, they are 100% natural preparations that work holistically to help bring all aspects of the being into alignment. Natural health practitioner Peppi Manawa is available for readings using the First Light Flower Essences therapeutic range.

β†’ 027 227 7871 (Peppi Manawa)