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Mary Garner

A trained professional Raw and Whole Foods Chef, Mary Garner has over twenty years experience in the health and vitality field, with certifications in Tissue Cleansing, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Management, and Yoga Therapy.

Mary is available for whole food cooking classes, gourmet vegetarian catering, integrative Aromatouch massage, yoga classes, and kirtan.

Contact Mary directly to arrange a booking or visit her website.
+ 642102874331


Peppi Manawa

Peppi Manawa is an experienced naturopathic physician with extensive training in the First Light Flower Essences therapeutic range. Contact her for a consultation or a tailor-made flower essence elixir.

027 227 7871

Marion Fumarola | Private Chef

Marion Fumarola | Private Chef


Organic, Innovative, Natural & mostly Raw Plant-Based Food

Everything we do is based upon our desire to bring together local fresh ingredients and ultimate nutrition to help raise people’s consciousness towards food. To achieve this goal, we have developed easy techniques and use creative thinking to prepare minimally processed plant-based cuisine, that is delicious and nutritious.

We believe that food should be local, we promote organic eating and a chemical-free approach to increase health and wellness for both us and the planet. Food should be a celebration of thriving, every dish made and taught by Paheko Living Foods is an expression of that.

Our Services

Retreat Catering

We specialize in providing nourishing food that supports the transformational work that takes place on retreats (yoga, meditation retreats, and in other similar settings). Each menu is crafted to nourish our bodies, hearts, and minds in the most delicious, creative and healthy way.

Private Chef

We also offer a wide range of raw, plant-based menus and packages for private and group dinners. Please get in touch if you would like a private chef during your stay at Sacred Earth.

Private Cooking Class & Workshops

We offer people courses that teach the techniques and provide the tools to incorporate dynamic plant-based and fully raw dishes into any lifestyle. The curriculum is perfect for cooking enthusiasts looking to explore the potential of plant-based cuisine or for people who want to get advanced tools and practice for their existing project.

The Chef & Instructor

I am continuously inspired to bring diversity, innovation and the art of wellness through food to myself and others. My passion is to show you just how delicious and abundant a plant-based can be, not only how it tastes, but also how it keeps us healthy and thriving.

By making mindful and deliberate decisions about the ingredients we source, we are contributing to a sustainable food system that respects the earth and the people who make this possible.


Christina Koutsimanis

‘Marion cooks like a God. pure clean food that makes you feel great after consuming. She is a delight of a person and a passionate and skilled cook. Her food is made with love.
I would highly recommend her.’

Poppy Holmberg 

‘Without a doubt the best vegetarian food I have ever tasted. Beautifully presented and even more beautiful is the woman that creates these works of art. Thank you for making me fall in love with food again.’

Jennie Clemas

‘I had this food on a retreat at Karekare. This is the most divine, delicious, nutritious and nourishing food I’ve eaten in a long time. It was made by a truly beautiful person with so much love you can taste it on her food. I wish I could eat like this forever!!’

Dace Kalnina | Yoga Instructor

Dace Kalnina | Yoga Instructor


Yoga student and teacher, yogini of happiness with burning passion for people. Terrible surfer.

My work focuses on empowering individuals to step into their true power by fully embracing themselves. I guide my clients to think abundantly so they can create a life where they feel powerful and loved. My teaching draws on several types of yoga, including yoga therapy and dynamic style that uses movement and breath to help students find stillness and focus.

My yoga teaching is rooted in self-healing and recovery after injuries. It is the practice of breath-based hatha vinyasa style, but also draws on other types of yoga, including ashtanga, power vinyasa, and yin yoga. I encourage students to move at their own pace and work slowly toward more challenging yoga poses. I regularly include breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation in my classes.


Yoga Journey:

Samma Karuna Healing School 200YTT (Thailand, 2016)
Non-violence communication course (Bali, 2016)
Himalayan Yoga Association 300YTT (India, 2019)


Dreamingmystic is a collective of two artists—Bronte Bryd and Kim Whalen—who specialise in handmade crystal talismans charged with purpose and blessed in the sacred waterfalls of Karekare, Aotearoa. The talismans are immersed in the dwelling place of the elementals and the Deva so that a power and nurturing spirit may be with you on your journey of healing and service to this Earth.

Contact Dreamingmystic to browse their creations, or to commission a talisman.

Email: TBA
Phone: TBA

Prem | Romiromi Therapist

Prem | Romiromi Therapist


Prem (Ngā Puhi, Te Hika tu) is a practitioner who primarily works within a distinct Te Ao Marama (Māori philosophies and ideologies) approach to well-being.

Working within Romiromi practice (Māori healing  that  situates itself within body and spirit alignments) Prem Piripi also works with Toi Māori (Māori arts), taonga pūoro (Māori instruments/music/healing practices), maurakau (Māori martial arts), kanikani (dance and movement), and Whakairo (carving) as means to facilitate health and well-being.

Prem grew up in India and as a young boy studied vedic scriptures, meditation and percussion. This knowledge is also facilitated through his workshops.

Prem is currently working with tatau (traditional tattoo) as means to foster healing.

Dmitriy Ageyev | Thai Massage & Bodywork Therapist

Dmitriy Ageyev | Thai Massage & Bodywork Therapist

Dmitriy is Thai massage therapist and bodywork practitioner passionate about using a holistic approach to heal the physical body in connection with the emotional and spiritual body.
During the life journey he has also learnt various bodywork techniques from experienced therapists in modalities of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Maori massage and emotional bodywork.
As a therapist Dmitriy is using Thai massage techniques, pulsing, reflexology, breath-work, trance states, and other practices, where he holds a safe space to release emotions, liberate client`s voice and their body wisdom.

Dmitriy has completed 150 Hour Training in Chiang Mai, Thailand.