Onsite Activities


Enjoy a gentle guided session from one of our local teachers at the sanctuary of the temple. Take some time to alleviate the chaos of the mind and explore the present existence of the practice. 

→ 027 233 5067 (Sonya Bolek) - A gentle hatha flow with a focus on meditation, mindfulness and living authentically in the present moment. An inspiring and relaxing class suitable for all levels.

→ 027 233 5067 (Laryssa Bolek) - A hatha flow class that blends empowering, cultural music with a rejuvenating yoga sequence guided by the breath. For seasoned yogis, and those seeking to discover more movement potential in their practice.

→ 021 028 74331 (Mary Garner)

Martial ArtS

Come to try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! There are Traditional BJJ classes GI or NO-GI available.

You will practice Self Defence with Brazilian instructor Victor Mendes Purple belt (Tanque Jiu Jitsu Team/ Brasilia/ Brazil ) from Master Ricardo Tanque (Black Belt 6th degree)

1:30h Class including natural exercises. Every Saturday 6am and Weekdays Evening Under Request.

→ 0275187367 (Victor Mendes)

Barefoot Voyages

Adventure the land of Sacred Earth by partaking in a Guided excursion that explores deepening our connection to nature. Combining a sense of adventure with a mindful appreciation of connection. Minimum numbers required.

→ 021 187 0173 (Dana Harvey) - Available after February 10th, 2019

Canyoning Experience

Outdoor Lovers come to visit one little secret place of the Waitakere.

This is a small canyoning experience will introduce you to a canyon environment enjoying the place with 2m to 7m jumps, abseiling and zipline.

Maximum 4 people (Check availability). 

Small canyon trip: $ 99.00

  • Experienced guide

  • All equipment included (helmet, harness, wetsuit)

  • Coffee or Tea time at the canyon

A big canyon experience is available under request.

→ 0275187367 (Victor Mendes)