Onsite Activities


A gentle vinyasa flow or yin with focus on yoga therapy and meditation. Classes are designed to help you find foundational strength, freedom of movement and a connection to your breath.  Perfect for those new to yoga. All levels, bodies and souls are welcomed. 

Dace Kalnina | 020 419 06621 (RYT 500 hours) or dace.kalninaz@gmail.com

Enjoy a gentle guided session from one of our local teachers at the sanctuary of the temple. Take some time to alleviate the chaos of the mind and explore the present existence of the practice. 

Gather for an evening of gentle Mantra  and Meditation. Mary received instruction in Mantra Meditation from Ali Akbar Khan, Vasu Deva, and currently from Basalt Madhur of the Sangam School of Indian Music. Come for Peace and Connection with the Divine. Feel free to bring any dances or songs you might like to share . 

→ Mary Garner | 021 028 74331 or innourish@gmail.com

Friday Clinic - Romiromi

A traditional method of healing that situates itself within the teaching of Te Ao Māori (A Māori Worldview). Healing techniques that are distinct to tangata whenua (Indigenous people) of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Romiromi activates distinct physical and spiritual landscapes of the body. As such, facilitation to shift, safely unsettle sites of trauma, stagnant and negative energies, occur. People of all cultures, gender,ages, abilities, and states of being may experience Romiromi for a very wide range of reasons that include but are not limited to, relaxation, pain relief, emotional support, physical injuries, spiritual activation and release.

Prem | 0210717501 or tautoko@gmail.com

Massage & bodywork

Thai massage technique, pulsing, reflexology, breath-work, trance states, and other practices. Holding a safe space to release emotions, liberate your voice and your body wisdom.

By turning off our verbal interaction people able to get into the dialogue with another body and give healing touch, presence and attention. The main thing in the massage is presence and as long as you are present with your receiver, you will benefit of them. If you're ready to commit to working on yourself Dmitriy will offer a set of exercises for your personal practice to help integrate and enhance the effect of massage.

Dmitriy | 02108501001 or dmitriy.itbodywork@gmail.com