A Sacred Himalayan Pilgrimage to the Source of Ganga—May 2018

For spiritual seekers from all paths who wish to deepen their spiritual practice and the ability to go deeper into the Self.

Tapovan ...

A vast meadow surrounded by mountain peaks and nestled at the base of Shivaling Mountain, it is one of the most beautiful and breath-taking places imaginable, and is our destination. This Himalayan region is known as deva bhoomi, the abode of the Gods and here you will experience the breathtaking majesty of the mountains and imbibe the pure sacred vibrations that echo the footsteps of the sages who have inhabited this land over thousands of years. It is here that Ganga (known as Akash or Sky Ganga) begins her descent. This sacred place is where yogis, seers and rishis have performed spiritual practices since time immemorial.

Additional information and costs

This pilgrimage will be demanding both in terms of spiritual practice and the nature of the trek at high altitude. The trek is considered moderate to difficult so good health and a high level of fitness is required.
There is no charge for this pilgrimage. It is suggested that all participants make a donation to support the work of Swami Sundarananda.

  • Airfares to Dehradun
  • Taxi fare to Rishikesh (aprox 710 rupees per taxi)
  • Rishikesh accommodation, teaching costs & food (TBA)
  • Shared cost of jeeps to Ganganani and Gangotri (aprox 1,000 rupees)
  • Night stay in Ganganani (allow up to 1,000 rupees)
  • Porter Charge (1,000 Rs per day per porter)
  • Food and Accommodation in Gangotri (donation to Tapovan Kutir Trust)
  • Forestry Permit and night costs (approx. 1,600 rupees)
  • Accommodation and Food in Tapovan (donation to Mouni Baba)
  • Shared cost of return jeep to Rishikesh (around 1,000 rupees)
  • Kainchi travel, accommodation and food costs (TBA)

Pilgrimage Itinerary

  • May 10th: commence flight to Delhi
  • May 11th: travel by air from Delhi to Rishikesh (via Dehra Dun)
  • May 11th: first day of seven at Vedic Yoga Centre, Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, commencing preparation for pilgrimage to the Himalayan mountains
  • May 12th: visit Vashishta Guha, an powerful ancient cave where yogis and saints have meditated for thousands of years
  • May 13th: visit Sri Ananda Mayi Ma Ashram, Haridwar – the tomb of this extraordinary women who imparted beauty and wisdom in equal measure
  • May 14th: Ganga rafting excursion to explore the magnificence of the river and the multitudes of ashrams and holy places on her banks
  • May 15th: visit the cave of Tat Wallah Baba, a well known and loved yogi who lived in Rishikesh for many years
  • May 16th & 17th: continuation of daily yoga, meditation, pranayama, chanting, kriya and other spiritual practices as well as free time
  • May 18th: travel to Ganganani, a  town, on the banks of Ganga with hot pools, deep into the Himalayan region
  • May 19th: travel up to Gangotri, a sacred pilgrimage town on the headwaters of Ganga
  • May 20th & 21st: visit Tapovan Kutir to Swami Sundarananda: a yogi, mountaineer, environmentalist and photographer extraordinaire. Visit Bhakti, a woman saint who lives in a cave. a devotee of Hanuman, she spent 14years of unbroken sadhana staying in this part of the Himalayas. We will share a meal and spent some hours enjoying her many leelas
  • May 22nd: trek to Bhojvasa, valley enclosed by mountains
  • May 23rd: trek to Gaumukh, the source of Ganga, a powerful place where you can witness the glacier where the Ganga starts; and then on to Tapovan, a  spiritual jewel, a meadow at the base of the holy mountain Shivaling
  • May 24th – 27th: stay at Tapovan and meet several silent yogis who live there. Enjoy spiritual activities in a sacred location where sadhana has been practised for tens of thousands of years. Experience meditation at sunrise, whilst the light gradually fills the valley; walk among the beauty of the mountains and absorb the celestial vibrations.
  • May: 28th: descend back to Gangotri
  • May 29th: Gangotri; final satsangh with Swami Sundarananda
  • May 30th: travel down to Rishikesh
  • May 31st: Rishikesh
  • June 1st: travel to Kainchi to Neem Karoli Baba’s Ashram (Neem Karoli was a great saint of the early 20th century and is best known as the guru of Ram Das and Krishna Das)
  • June 2nd – 3rd: spend time in Dangoli at an ancient hidden hermitage, and Kainchi immersed in the beauty of the Kumoan Himalayas
  • June 4th: return to Rishikesh
  • June 5th: at Rishikesh, ready for final farewell to India
  • June 6th: fly to Delhi from Dehra Dun and link with international flights home

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