A Sacred Himalayan Pilgrimage to the Source of Ganga: May–June 2018

An extraordinary spiritual journey to Tapovan, through the mystical Himalayas
This pilgrimage offers spiritual seekers from all paths an opportunity to tread the paths that have been laid down by yogis and sages throughout centuries and experience the sacred energies of these majestic mountains that uplift the soul and recharge spiritual endeavour. This trek will take you from Rishikesh to Tapovan, which is a vast meadow surrounded by mountain peaks and nestled at the base of Shivaling mountain, it is one of the most beautiful and breath-taking places imaginable. It is here that Ganga (known as Akash or Sky Ganga) begins her descent . This sacred place is where yogis, seers and rishis have performed spiritual practices since time immemorial.


    Pilgrimage Itinerary


    • Day 1 - May 26th: Rishikesh. Commence preparation for pilgrimage to Himalayan Mountains
    • Day 2 - May 27th: Rishikesh - Yoga, kriya, meditation and satsang with Shailendra Negi, a Vedic yogi
    • Day 3 - May 28th: Vashista Gufa - an ancient cave where sages have meditated for thousands of years
    • Day 4 - May 29th: Ananda Mayi Ma’s mahasamadhi (tomb) - Ma was a famed woman saint known for her blissful states
    • Day 5 - May 30th: Raft along the Ganges - experience the thrill of the sacred waters of India’s holiest river
    • Day 6 - May 31st: Travel to Uttakashi - known as the Valley of the Gods is an ancient centre for yogis and rishis. Visit the
    • Vishwanath temple and enjoy talks and satsangh with learned teachers.
    • Day 7 - June 1st: To Ganganani and Gangotri - Stop for a hot bath at a natural spring. At Gangotri we will visit the temple to
    • Mother Ganga.
    • Days 8&9 - June 2nd & 3rd: Gangotri
    • A unique opportunity to stay with Swami Sundarananda considered to be one of the great yogi Himalayan Masters who has devoted
    • his life to the path of yoga. An accomplished yogi, who has mastered all the yoga postures and pranayamas, he is also a famous
    • photographer and mountaineer. He has chronicled his devotion to the natural beauty of the Himalayas in his gallery (currently in
    • completion stage), so we will be among the first to stay there and experience the gallery with Swamiji’s amazing photography. It will be
    • an opportunity to share in daily meditations with Swamiji. There will be a trip to visit Bhakti, a woman saint who lives in a cave. a
    • devotee of Hanuman, she spent 14 years of unbroken sadhana staying in this part of the Himalayas. We will share a meal and spent
    • some hours enjoying her many stories.
    • Day 10 - June 4th: Trek Gangotri to Bojvasa: Night stay at Ram Baba Ashram
    • Day 11- June 5th: Trek Bhojvasa to Tapovan - Stopping at Gaumukh for a special ceremony, where the waters of Ganga emerge
    • from the glacier, The trek from Gaumukh takes us across the glacier and up the steep ascent to Tapovan
    • Days 12 to 15 - June 6th - 9th: Tapovan: staying at Mouni Baba Ashram where simple food and blankets will be provided.
    • Immerse yourself in the sacred silence of a place where centuries of spiritual seekers have come to experience
    • the oneness.
    • Day 16 - June 10th Trek back to Gangotri
    • Day 17 - June 11th: Gangotri to Rishikesh
    • Day 18 - June 12th: Rishikesh closing ceremony


    This pilgrimage will be demanding both in terms of spiritual practice and the nature of the trek at high altitude. The trek is considered moderate to difficult so good health and a high level of fitness is required.

    Pilgrimage Guide

    Savitri has been travelling to the Himalayas for the past 25 years living in ashrams in sacred regions and has been deeply inspired by the ancient pathway to Self-realisation. Over the past fifteen years she has undertaken an annual pilgrimage to Tapovan, living in a cave, amidst the silence, within the community of saints and yogis. These experiences transformed her own life and she wishes to play a role in sharing the transformative power of practice in places of spiritual power.


    Cost: NZD $2500 - excludes air fares


    NB. For the purposes of safety and to ensure a deep and fulfilling experience, this pilgrimage is limited to a small
    number of spiritual seekers

    Contact Savitri
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