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Womens' Self Love Retreat
to Mar 3

Womens' Self Love Retreat


 By joining us on this retreat you are telling yourself and the world that : 

~"I put myself first because I'm important to me" 

~" I look after myself and I respect myself " 

 ~" I believe that I deserve to have time out for me " 

 ~" I am a priority and I put myself at the top of the list " 

 ~" I take care of me so I can take care of others " 

 ~" I know that when I serve me first I am able to be the best version of myself for everyone in my life" 

 ~" I am thankful to me and for me" 


Quite simply this retreat is exactly what it says it is …. 

A safe loving space for you to retreat, to connect back to you and honour yourself with love. 


We were born to give love and receive love but sadly over time as we become adults and take on different pressures of life and go through many challenging situations we forget about giving to US .. we push us to the back of the line, bottom of the pack, and before we know it we have forgotten how to even give it to ourselves anymore.

We have lost us !

There are many reasons why this happens, why we allow it to happen and we will be giving you valuable knowledge for you to be able to understand more on that. 

When we have the knowledge and understanding, we then have the power to getting the right tools we need so that this doesn't happen again.


" As you become more clear about who you really are , you'll be better able to decide what is best for you- the first time around "    -- Oprah Winfrey 

This Self Love Retreat is all about YOU 

Its YOUR retreat, so from the moment you walk through the door and feel the energy and love you'll also feel your power. 

This retreat is made for YOU , and by that we mean YOU get to choose how it goes. 

There will be a guide to each day which allows you, if you wish , to participate, to take you through a gentle journey of self discovery , giving you things that will have you reflecting on your life choices from your past and where you are heading in your future once you leave us.

Alternatively if there are any activities that you do not wish to participate in then that’s your choice and that's absolutely okay ,you will know what is best for you and what will serve you best. 

The full content of this retreat is explained below , which allows you to have the power and choice before you even arrive, to what you think you might like to take part in , but you always have choices and that means you can change your mind too when you're there !!!  

We are so excited to be able to offer this space for you and look forward very much to seeing you there. 

The retreat is 3days beginning on a

 Friday at 11am and finishing on a 

Sunday at 3pm 


Address :

Sacred Earth 

1288 Lone Kauri Road 

Karekare Auckland 0772 


Our dates so far are :- 


1st - 3rd Mar   2019 

5th - 7th Apr   2019 

3rd-  5th May  2019 

 We cannot wait for you to immerse yourself in 3 days of YOU. 

Heres what we offer to you: 

SPACE - it's so important to have that time by yourself to think , reflect, read , journal, meditate, walk or be with nature.

 LOVE - we offer these retreats for you because we love you , you'll feel the love and safe space to be able to open up if you wish to at anytime. 

 ONE-ON-ONE - there will be times throughout your stay to be able to speak with our qualified Empowerment Coach to get you some clarity and prospective on things if you choose to. 

 GUIDED MEDITATION- there will be some beautiful guided meditation throughout the weekend that will give you grounding and also open you up to your higher self , your truth. 

 EXERCISE- there will be an opportunity for you to work out in the mornings if you wish , this is fun and is catered for all levels of fitness. 

 NOURISHMENT- it's important to give our body the right foods to keep us energized and stable so we will be fueling you with amazing vegetarian meals…... you wont go hungry !!! 

 WORKSHOPS- we offer knowledge in a comfortable and informal way but with powerful and amazing results that you'll take away with you.

Content includes.. 

~Conscious/ subconscious mind 

~Belief systems 

~The masks we wear 


~Relationships .. masculine/feminine energies 

~Goal setting/ vision boards 

~Daily rituals / affirmations 

~Mind movies 



ESSENTIAL OILS/CRYSTALS - these have enhanced many peoples’ lives dramatically so you'll have the opportunity to experience them.

 SPA POOL - open access anytime to the hot spa pool to relax and revive your aching muscles.

MASSAGE- a full body deep tissue massage, leaving you feeling like new.

 NAILS - a beautiful manicure or pedicure, just to top off that feeling of self love as a woman because you deserve it. 

So you can see this retreat really does cover it all...  the mind , body and soul.

It can be exactly as you wish it to be , like we said .



We cannot wait to see you there !!

And a word of warning .. 

You will NOT leave this retreat the same as you arrived!! 

You'll leave feeling full of love for you , happy , whole , energized, relaxed, certain , positive , focused, driven, creative , and knowing. 

Just one more thing we need you to know:

When you leave us you will be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN on what you are committing to giving YOURSELF daily when you get home.

We totally understand how many commitments you have back in the real world, so we give you tools to keep you on track and accountable, and just know when you leave us that this will be the BEGINNING of serving , honoring and loving YOU….. not the end!!!

Relax we've thought of everything  .. because WE LOVE YOU. 

Our calendar link is below, book a call with us at a time that works for you if you'd like to know more.

Also we are offering payment plan options too so if this is something you would like to do let us know. 

Early bird cost for the 3 days is ONLY:

 $911 for the first 5 people to commit to any date with a deposit of $111

 Thereafter the full price will be $1111  

Bank details  if you're ready to go NOW and know this is 100% what you deserve because YOU ARE WORTH IT. 



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