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Way of Nature Quest

Surrender and listen to inner and outer nature to learn how to take your place in the choir of life with a 4 day/night solo quest in a beautiful, safe natural environment, supported by personal preparation and group time either side of the solo. 

Way of Nature is based on core principles of spiritual cultivation common to all major traditions, applied in nature. Claire and Deborah will guide you in meditations, Qi Gong and ceremonial practices to prepare for you for your 4 days in solitude, fasting and pure presence in wild nature. 

The 3 intents of Way of Nature are to:
- Assist in revealing your True purpose for this lifetime.
- Open an authentic connection with Outer, Inner and True nature.
- Experience an authentic realisation of your True Nature, Source Awareness

Many people find themselves called to undertake Quest when they are seeking guidance on their path in life, are going through a time of transition or wish to deepen in their spiritual cultivation and healing.

Please visit the Facebook event page for more details or contact Deborah Crowe or Claire Vanderplank 


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